9 Days 3 Bodies Energy Detox


After almost twenty years of experience and study of Human Energy Anatomy, I invite you to the 9 Days 3 Bodies Energy Detox.

This simple but sophisticated protocol will help you reset your energy system and clear your mind and emotional bodies of density.

Coinciding with the Summer Solstice, this Detox will help us enter the new season with a new sense of Prosperity.

It is super simple. You will receive an email with different practices for that day in particular. You do not need to make any major changes to your daily routines. You can work and attend to your homes as usual.
What is offered?

9 Daily email and WhatsApp guidance on everyday practices to detox your 3 bodies
WhatsApp Community


Such a potent time sole, and the group, thank you!! So many shifts and changes and releases and light ✨✨✨🧚🧚🧚so much love to you all
Kirsty Lewis, Business Woman & Yoga Teacher, UK & Mexico.

Thank you so much for this beautiful and empowering journey, Sole.πŸ’œβœ¨ I am feeling and seeing prosperity entering my life, and my heart is very receptive. Inspired by the rituals and grateful to have shared them alongside all of you πŸ’—
Arantxa Serrate, Yoga Teacher, UK & Spain

I wanted to thank Sole and the rest of the group for this amazing process.
I’ve noticed a significant shift in myself in this short time.
I’ve seen my intentions start to be realised in some ways, and I feel that it has shifted me into a positive trajectory and a more optimistic future.
Jack Warbrick, AI Expert, Digital Nomad, UK & Argentina

Deep gratitude and Love to you all. I've loved this Purification journey together and noticed patterns coming up that no longer serve me.
Many thanks for this journey, dearhearts.
So much LOVE
Rachana Sequoia, Raw Food Chef, UK

Thank you, Sole, for guiding us through this process of purification and cleansing. I feel light and clear. The pot has been stirred and much brought up into the light. The practices I love and will continue some of them πŸ€πŸ™ Much love and blessings to you all.
Rachael Burgues, Nurse, UK

Thank you, Sole, and for everyone in this group.
It’s been a deep dive for me this time in surprising and unexpected ways.
Compelling communication and meeting me with my intention are excellent. Challenging and magic!
Melanie Griffiths, Child Therapist, UK

Thank you all so much for the power and blessings of this group. The practices have strengthened and grounded me. My mind feels more apparent, and I’m ready for the next phase of my journey.
Anamcara Bowen, Movement Specialist & Healer, UK

Thank you again, dear Sole and the group, for this powerful and amazing journey of deep cleansing! I can definitely feel so much uncluttering of the unconscious. It is such a deep level of work that I can truly see shifting in all levels and areas of my life!
Janina Sous, Artist & Psychologist, Germany

Immense thanks to the group and to Sole. It has truly been an incredible process, and new paths are opening up before me. I feel happy and blessed. πŸ’œ
Laura Perez, Child Education Specialist, Spain

Thank you so much, Sole, and many thanks to the group for making this novena possible. The group's strength is helping me in my personal process. It has been a journey of discovery where I have recognised myself as the great woman I am and how much I love myself. Thank you for making it possible. πŸ™πŸΌ
Pepa Sirera, Health Expert, Spain

Thanks to everyone for sharing and for being part of this group. πŸ”₯ Now I have to make some decisions, and these days of purification have been critical. I have enjoyed the process a lot. βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’« It has given me clarity and courage. Yesterday, I showed my son the altar... and explained to him a little about what each thing I had placed there symbolised. When I pointed out a small vial of gold, I told him it symbolised courage, and he said, "Wow, Mom, gold is significant." Yes, it is. πŸ™πŸ» Thank you.
Federica, Clothes Designer Italy