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Liberation the Remedy

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We live in a time where the energetic intensity on each individual is increasing. As many begin to tune into their energetic and subtle bodies, unlocking their empathic and sensitive qualities, the intensity of the experience can at times become overwhelming.

Liberation is a creation which walks the talk in its ability to support individuals in the activation of the mind, body and the soul. It does this by purifying karmic imprints and removing stagnant emotional debris that we all carry.

Liberation is a product designed for anyone simply looking to be free from unconscious patterns, self-destroying habits and the clutter of conditioned responses that make up most of our days.

The remedy helps us to deal with the conceptual, spiritual, karmic, environmental and existential issues we all face because it lightens our load. When we are carrying less weight we have greater internal resources at our disposal to use for whatever it is we wish to do.

This substance will give you the breathing space and equilibrium to deal with things while shielding you from some of the more extreme environmental fluctuations we face on a daily basis. It also flushes residual memories from the body which brings to light experiences long forgotten that have been sitting in the subconscious and the cellular memory.

Liberation helps us to resolve the incomplete business of reality and what-if scenarios that we have buried in the past and are therefore unfinished in memory. Liberation also deals with the memories we would normally only deal with as we die when we are forced to deal with our whole lives in a giant flash, most likely in a state of fear. With Liberation we get to methodically work through the mass of our own accumulated memory in our own time and at a pace of our choosing.

If we do this process in advance we may rise above and ride the wave of dissolution that is already upon us, otherwise, we will definitely be swept under by the weight of our collective memories.

This remedy uncouples the memories stored in our bodies from the emotions that lock them there so we feel them once again in a flash and then they are free to exit the body. This leaves us stronger and more grounded since that which was bound is bound no more, and the energy that was being used to hold that memory, and the energy of the memory itself, is now free for us to use elsewhere.

This translates into greater focus, less energy loss and greater openness as we are not guarding the wounds anymore, and this allows us to be the person we truly want to be and are – not the person who has been hiding under the covers from all their wounding.

When the boat is taking on water we need to get rid of as much extra baggage as we can in order to weather the storm. Also so that afterwards we may float lightly in the water and ride the waves with ease. This is exactly what Liberation does.