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The Yoga of Mary Magdalene- 9 weeks Programme


Image of The Yoga of Mary Magdalene- 9 weeks Programme

Can you hear the calling? In the utter madness that our planet is immerse in, we are being asked to position ourselves, we are being asked to clear the mind and go very deep inside. In that depth is where true discernment and wellbeing is birthed from.

Now, more than ever, our spiritual practice can bring the sanity that is required to cruise through the many challenges humanity is going through. Emotional and psychological sanity depend upon our spiritual health. 

To be coherent and wise in the midst of chaos is an art that like all art forms requires practice and dedication. The mystics of all traditions dedicated their lives to this pursuit. They could see the Beauty of Creation in all the manifested forms and could transcend any given challenge. 

The Lotus flower has been an ancient symbol of the Beauty birthed from the Human Consciousness process for many esoteric traditions like the Buddhist, Hindu or Egyptian. The magnificent absolute beauty of the Lotus is birthed in the total darkness and density of the mud. From there, its roots spring up in the pool of Shakti, divine waters of creation and this exquisite flower is birthed. What a marvellous symbol!
Since my time in India and Bali and even in the Lakes of northern Britain I have spent a long time meditating on the miracle and beauty of Water and  the Lotus and Lily flowers. The power of this unique form of Beauty has the capacity of penetrating the soul and bringing the most profound healing and solace.

It is my wish to bring this beauty to you with body and soul practices inspired in the life and works of Mary Magdalene.

I have the privilege to be living now in a land between Spain and France that since ancient times have been linked to the Cult of the Goddess and Mary Magdalene. This Cult was dedicated to healing practices related to sacred oils, annointing and the healing power of water. I am learning a lot from the Akashic records of this place and I will be sharing with you the most exquisite and sacred of times. We will practice as a group as one and from your own home, which is always lush.

I have been working online for three years now and can assure you that the space that I hold and we co-create is beautiful, intimate and divine.

From the 15th of October (Yellow Overtone Sun) I will be offering a 9 week online programme I hope you can join me in this magic time.

Where: Online- Zoom
When: Thursdays 7-8.30 UK time
Starting: 15th October
Ending: 10th December
Exchange: £108
Trial Circle: 15th October (£13- single payment if only coming on this date)