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Immortality is an alchemical remedy made from the immortal jellyfish (Turritopsis Dohrni) a species of jellyfish that is able to regenerate itself endlessly if it gets old or injured. When it reaches a certain age where it begins to die or is badly wounded it automatically turns on a biological mechanism to return it to a youthful version of itself.

This regenerative ability or message to the cells has been alchemically captured in water and is what is causing us to regenerate cells and return to a younger version of ourselves.

When we take immortality, we begin the process of de aging ourselves and we notice results almost immediately. Accounts of increased energy, renewed vigour and libido, healthier skin and improved mobility as well as less pain in the joints were experienced within a day or two during the clinical trial. The more long-term actions of actually looking younger began after a week or two depending on the persons starting age, but after 10 days other people began to comment on it.

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