United Waters Project

Liberation the Remedy UK

United Waters Project

“Part of liberation has to do with memory and water carries memory.  So I am proposing that people help me unite all the rivers, sacred pools and oceans of the world with liberation.

I came up with this idea when I put the liberation into the holy river and lake on top of Table Mountain, a few drops in each pool, and then I added a few drops of the river water back to the bottle thus linking the remedy and the river.  This water has now been added to the concentrate from which all other bottles are made.

The enhanced Shungite in liberation not only purifies but forges connection between things. This was one of the unusual effects that came out when I was playing with its structure.

Everyone who joins me in uniting the waters of the world will allow the rivers to taste each other, the remedy and us when we take it. The possible benefits of this project are largely inconceivable but potentially massive.  As all the waters of the world unite under the banner of liberation, which is largely a fire and gem offering back to the water, who knows what we might see.  I feel strongly in my heart that this is a powerful, useful and beautiful thing to do.  These feelings I do not question.

Liberation already seems stronger since I united it with the holy river and lake on top of Table Mountain.

For those who feel called to do this please join me, as some already have, you know who you are.

Just as liberation travels on the four winds out into the world, it too will travel through the waterways of the Earth and only inconceivably good things can come of this.”