Liberation the Remedy UK


I started working with Liberation about 2 months ago. I can honestly say my whole life is transforming in the most amazing way. I feel much more connected to my heart and presence than ever before. I feel my expression is more authentic. I’m more connected to Source and I feel open to the world in a more joyful way. I feel more courageous, more joyful and unburdened! I experience more of me present and able to work through challenges that arise and I no longer get caught up in old unhelpful patterns and behaviours. I feel lightness in my body and experience my body changing, flowing more freely. I notice that old eating patterns have changed. I have more energy again and I feel able to imagine renewed health and vitality! I am so excited to be on this journey of Liberation and can’t recommend highly enough the integrity and intention of this potent medicine. I honour you and your work deeply Adamas. Deep gratitude.

AnamCara Bowen, MSc Movement and Holistic Therapist // United KingdomMSc Movement and Holistic Therapist

I experienced dreaming in the early stages of taking the remedy. One relationship that still carries a lot of pain was experienced as supremely tender and loving. I still wasn't able to cut the karmic cords and let go of it though. Now I find I am not remembering my dreams but am waking with tears eager to flow and I'm aware of deeply entrenched patterns, though don't understand why they are there or how they arose. I'm working with Liberation and obsidian and feeling very held by the intentions of both these energies. It certainly feels like a deep clearing is occurring, which I can only observe and acknowledge from a place of patience and faith. I feel like a deep reconnection to my soul self is occurring on some level.

Jodie Browne // Bristol, United Kingdom