The Mission of Liberation

Liberation the Remedy UK

The Mission of Liberation

The Mission Of Liberation

“Our mission is to liberate the planet. A desire for liberation to spread to the four corners of the world so that everyone may have a chance to live the fullest version of themselves by removing a lot of the emotional debris and pain of the past.”

Just as a body is not healthy if one part of it is sick, we cannot ignore the pain of any people as this will end up making the whole body sick eventually.  This is why it needs to go everywhere. If any group of people feel isolated, in suffering, or having lost their way, this will eventually ricochet out onto other groups and drag them into a similar state.    

If 10 percent of the world’s population were to take liberation the world would change radically and it would probably be enough to bring deep seated and lasting change to the world.   

To use the image of the body again, if enough of it is healthy and happy it can bring the rest of the organism back into a state of happiness and balance.

Actual numbers are less important than totality of coverage throughout the world and it is our mission here at liberation to see that it spreads to every country on earth as then those who have taken it can become beacons of light in the sea of darkness and lead everyone by example.