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Winter Solstice Online Retreat

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Greetings 💙🌍 As we cruise through through the last days of the Autumn season, it is important as a spiritual practitioner, to enter a meditative space and, as we close this yearly cycle, get ready for the Winter and its gifts.
The Winter Solstice is the astrological event that marks this transition. This year's Solstice will coincide with the conjunction, the intimate dance of the planets Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation of Aquarius. Since these planets will not be together in the same point until 2060, this event will mark, or we can say will create a blueprint or will  be a fractal- of the next twenty years. What is more, four days later, on Christmas Day, both of them will be exactly at the same point in the heavens which means we will see them both together as one single bright star from our planet in the night sky.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion while Saturn gives form and structure. When both powerful fathers of these energies come together in these magnificent manner, we humans, have the opportunity, as guardians of this planet Earth, of aligning ourselves with this event, individually and collectively. We have the opportunity of holding in our hearts the whole spectrum of Infinite Possibility (Jupiter) and Structure (Saturn), and come to a place of coherence. Coherence in our physical reality. Coherence in our Hearts as the divine seat of the Mind.

It is my belief that when we are spiritually working on the collective as well as on the personal level, to practice with others is a must. Since ancient times our ancestors would gather in nature or temples in this marked times and connect to Source.
Given the state of current affairs, this group practice has never been more important in our lifetime. For this reason I have the great pleasure to invite you to come together to the Solstice Sacred Cacao Ceremony I will be holding to mark this most powerful time.
A Winter Solstice transmission, meditation and bodywork practice which will reset our beautiful selves in the most exquisite way.

On the 20th of December we will be gathering to celebrate the Solstice, I hope you can come and if not, I urge you to enter a meditation space on those days. Humanity really needs it🌈🌍💙

Wishing you a beautiful day,


Sole Satiam Paz-Terriza 


Practical info🍀

Where: Online- Zoom

Starting: Sunday 20th December 10am-13.30pm UK time
(White Rhythmic Worldbridger)